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Google Analytics 4

Instructions how to connect your Google Analytics data using Sellforte's connector

Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

1. Log in to Sellforte and navigate to Connectors

2. Choose Google Analytics 4

3. Give name for the connector

This is needed if you want to add another connector for the same source later. You can also leave this empty and click "Create".

4. Authorize with Google

Giving access don't share your credentials or any other sensitive information. You will just allow Sellforte to fetch data from the source.

5. Choose account and properties for the sync

From "Accounts sync mode" choose "Sync specific accounts" so that you can choose the accounts and their properties for the sync. Choose the ones that are relevant for your business and track your website's sessions and purchases.

6. Save & Test and wait for to be taken back to Sellforte

You are ready! πŸŽ‰

Google Analytics 4 is connected and data is fetched automatically with MMM specific schema to Sellforte.

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