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Pinterest Ads

Instructions how to connect your Pinterest Ads data using Sellforte's connector

Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

1. Log in to Sellforte and navigate to Connectors

2. Choose Pinterest Ads

Click "Create" to confirm the creation of the connector in the pop up. You are directed to connection flow in couple of seconds.

3. Authorize your Pinterest Ad account

Click "Authorize" and run through the connection flow in Pinterest authentication flow. Give access to all asked sources. Giving access don't share your credentials or any other sensitive information. You will just allow Sellforte to fetch data from the source.

4. Choose Advertisers that you want to connect

You can connect all, or choose specific Advertisers from Pinterest Ads. Choose the ones you need to include in the Sellforte MMM.

5. Click "Save & Test" and you are forwarded back to Sellforte

You are ready! πŸŽ‰

Pinterest Ads is connected and data is fetched automatically with correct MMM schema to Sellforte.

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