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Sales decomposition chart is used to get an overview of how impactful marketing activities have been. A typical sales decomposition chart in Marketing Mix Modeling looks like this. For an interactive version of this chart, visit the Sellforte Demo:

Reading the chart

Axes of the chart:

  • Y-axis is the sales of the company (unless filtered to show only e.g. a product group)

  • X-axis is time, in this case months

The total of a given bar is the total sales, and the different colors decompose the sales into two main elements:

  • Base sales (shown as gray): This is the sales that the company would have gotten without marketing. Base includes the existing awareness that the company has in driving its sales, as well as all the factors that are not related to marketing, such as seasonality, macroeconomic development, distribution coverage

  • Sales driven by marketing (shown as other colors than gray): This shows how much marketing activities were driving sales. Each media is separated

Examples of sales decomposition chart filtered in different ways

By media channel

By campaign type

By marketing done in different countries

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