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Marketing Dashboard Walkthrough
Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

This guide explains the views in detail that Sellforte's Marketing Dashboard has. Please explore Sellforte yourself in our online demo!

Overall view

1. Media metrics

All of your most important media data is taken into Sellforte. The data is used in Marketing Mix Modeling, but it is also visualised in your Marketing Dashboard. This enables you to:

  • Review the trends in your important media metrics

  • Compare metrics from all of your data media data sources in one place

  • Compare how your media metrics, like investments, developed against your sales figures in one view

  • Validate the data correctness

2. Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) results

Marketing Mix Modeling results are presented in the dashboard's bottom right corner chart. Here you can see the true incremental sales that each channel generates according to MMM. Also, ROI numbers for each channel are visualised in a time series format.

Additionally, you can review the Google Analytics attribution numbers similarly to MMM results. This is very beneficial to understand and reveal the difference between traditional attribution and MMM.

3. Results views

In the right-hand side of Marketing Dashboard you find the MMM results visualised in several different views. KPI tab sums up the most important metrics.

Table, Chart and ROI Bubbles tabs visualise the MMM and GA results more in detail. Many of our customers find ROI Bubbles to be interesting view to see how different medias compare to each other. The size of the bubble reflects the size of media investments, while the location of the bubble reflects the ROI and absolute incremental sales.

4. Data selection

Marketing Dashboard and Sellforte MMM is very powerful in revealing detailed insights from your marketing. You can deep dive into your marketing data on every level you want - from high level view to individual campaigns. You can also filter all the charts to include data only from for example ad platforms, countries or sales channels of your interests. Wide data selection possibilities enable you to do quick analysis or deep dive into your marketing and reveal valuable insights easily.

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