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Sellforte's first public demo webinar hosted!
Sellforte's first public demo webinar hosted!
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⭐️ We hosted our first-ever public demo webinar!

A big thank you to all participants for joining! Here’s a quick recap of what we covered:

1️⃣ How to connect data to Sellforte?

Our goal is to be the easiest Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) SaaS to get started with, without compromising on quality or granularity of results. Our automated data connectors minimize onboarding time and enable continuous result updates.

2️⃣ How to analyse marketing performance across media and markets?

We went through the typical MMM analyses, such as base vs. media, and different ROI comparison views. We also showed how to compare MMM ROI against GA4 ROAS and ad platform ROAS.

3️⃣ How to do tactical campaign optimisation?

We have been developing a new campaign-level analysis view and this was the first time we showed it to a public audience.

4️⃣ How to use Sellforte for planning and budgeting?

We went through our Media Optimizer, and discussed how to construct different budget scenarios and related sales forecasts.

5️⃣ Q&A

It was great to see so many great questions from the audience! These were some of them:

❓ How to connect offline media data to Sellforte?

For offline data, we can either use a connector to a data warehouse, or use a data template that is regularly uploaded to Sellforte's Data Platform.

❓ How to interpret the situation where MMM ROI is very different from Google Analytics 4 -reported ROAS?

This happens often, and we try to make it visible to marketers by showing the two metrics in our product. Compared to MMM, GA4's last-click or data-driven attribution typically over-reports effectiveness of activities close to conversion (such as branded search), and under-reports effectiveness of media earlier in the funnel (such as social media). MMM tries to estimate true contribution of each marketing activity to sales of the company.

❓ Is there a limit on the size of the budget for a media channel that MMM can evaluate?

There are no hard limits, but there are factors that affect how well MMM is able to estimate effectiveness of an activity. To name a few: spend level, daily variation in the spend, availability of incrementality tests for the activity.

❓ Is there a feature, that compares earlier predictions with the real outcomes as we collect more data?

Yes, there are ways to do this with Sellforte!

❓ Is it possible to predict ad-driven sales for media that was not used before?

MMM does not know about the effectiveness of media that it has not seen before. In theory, it is possible to triangulate the impact with benchmarks from different companies or from similar marketing activities, but we don't currently provide this.

We look forward to hosting similar interactive sessions in the future as well!

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