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Historical data backfill with Supermetrics for S3
Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

Sellforte's MMM models the continuously updating data, but the model needs your historical data back to 2-3 years to give you the most reliable results. Here's how to get the historical data.

Step 1: Make sure you are all set up for data backfill

You need to have Sellforte S3 as a destination and also a data transfer set up according to our instructions. Only after this you can do historical data backfill!

Step 2: Backfill the transfer you want

In the left-side menu under "Export", click "Data warehousing" and "Transfers". Choose the transfer you want to fetch historical data, click three dots in the Action menu and choose "Backfill".

Step 3: Set start and end dates for the backfill

Choose the date range. We prefer at least 2-3 years, but you can send as much data is available. Click "OK" and the backfill starts. The data is sent directly to Sellforte S3 as it is fetched. The backfill process might take some hours to complete, so be patient. Fortunately, the backfill is needed only once in the start of Sellforte usage! 😎

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