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Using custom data connector: Sellforte Upload Service
Using custom data connector: Sellforte Upload Service
Written by Mikko Ervasti
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What is Sellforte Upload Service?

If your plan with Sellforte includes custom data streams, one way connect that data to Sellforte is to use Sellforte's Upload Service. Sellforte Upload Service enables sending files via a user-interface, or with a script.

Sellforte Upload Service is best suited for sending individual files that up to 2 GB in size. If you are transferring large files larger or sending multiple files, please let us know, and we can evaluate SFTP or other data transfer services.

Method 1: Using online user-interface

2. Select the file to be uploaded and insert your access token

3. Start the upload and wait until the file is uploaded successfully

Method 2: Uploading files programmatically

A file can be uploaded programmatically using POST request method. See an example below how this can be done with curl.

curl -X POST \
--header "accesstoken: <my-access-token>" \
-F file=@<my-filename> \

A common use case for programmatic file upload is to automate file uploads for a given data stream. One would schedule a script/task for instance with a python or shell command to fetch a data dump from original system, and then upload it to Sellforte using the Sellforte Upload Service. Note that in this case the filename naming conventions and data formats are to be agreed beforehand, so that the data is linked to the correct data stream and it can be automatically processed.

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