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Using Sellforte Offline Data Template
Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

Please follow these instructions when using Sellforte's Offline Data Template to collect and prepare your data to be used in your Marketing Mix Model (MMM) dashboard. You'll access the template through your Sellforte contact (!

Step 1: Review the template

The template consist of two kinds of sheets:

1. Data field descriptions and examples - named after data source e.g. "TV Spots"

This sheet is a table that describes the data needs for the indicated data source. The table includes information for each data field:

  • Sellforte Standard Field = Name of the data field

  • Importance = How important this data field is from the modelling perspective

  • Description = Short description of the data field

  • Example = Example value

  • Rationale = Rationale why the data field is included

  • Data type = Format of for the data

  • Special setting = If something special needs to be considered

  • Comments = Space for comments

Furthermore, the data importance levels are:

1 (must have)

2 (highly important, for general use cases)

3 (important, for specific use cases)

4 (optional, for data validation)

5 (optional, for visualisation or data enrichment)

Please read and use this sheet to identify the matching data from your own data sets!

2. Data template - named after data source e.g. "TV Spots - template"

Next to the examples sheet you'll find a sheet with the actual data upload template. Insert your data on the template according to the column names.

The first row in light blue is an example of values and how the data should look!

These two sheets are found from the file in pairs like in the picture above.

In the next section we will give detailed instructions how to fill the data template with your own data!

Step 2: Fill the template

Using the data field descriptions and examples as your guide, please find the matching data from your data sets and fill the corresponding columns in the template.

Recommended process:

  1. Take your raw unprocessed data for chosen data source, like TV or Radio

    • You get this from your own data warehouse, your marketing agency, or directly from the marketing media

  2. Open Sellforte Offline Data Template

    • Open the template for the data source you want to fill

  3. Start from the left by reviewing the first column "Date"

    • Check the description for this column -> "Publish date or start date"

    • Check the example -> "2021-12-24"

    • Now look for the same data from your own unprocessed data - where is "Date" in your data?

    • After you've found it, copy the data from your own data set to Sellforte's template. Please follow exactly the same format as the example row.

  4. Repeat previous step 3 for each column in the template

    • Always check the description and example, so that you find the corresponding correct data from your own data sets

    • If your data doesn't have some column, please leave the column empty


  • Only insert data according to the column specifications

    • E.g. Only dates into Date -column, and only unique identifier numbers/strings to Campaign ID -column, and so on

  • Don't modify column names

    • If modified, renaming back to original name needs to be done

  • Don't add any extra or custom columns

    • All the columns needed are included in the template already!

    • If you have some extra data that doesn't have own column, please don't insert the data or communicate with Sellforte if the data is super relevant to include

Step 3: Final result πŸŽ‰

Please do a final check and make sure the data you have in the template follows the requirements specified in the previous steps. Otherwise the onboarding process will be delayed.

If the instructions were followed, the offline data will be ready for modelling without any extra cleaning or re-structuring! Also, in future when new offline data is available, it can easily be appended to the model using the same template.

Please don't hesitate to contact Sellforte team if you have any questions regarding the usage of the template! πŸ™‚

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