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Connecting your data with Supermetrics Template Gallery
Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Create New Google Sheet

1. Create new Google Sheet

Type "create sheet" in your Chrome and press the "Create sheet" button, or use your preferred browser to go to your Google Drive and create a new sheet

Step 2: Launch Supermetrics

1. Choose "Extensions" > "Supermetrics" > "Launch"

Step 3: Open the Sellforte template from Supermetrics Template Gallery

1. Click Menu icon

2. Choose "Open template gallery"

3. Scroll down to CUSTOM and choose "Add template"

4. Copy-paste the following URL and choose "Add template"

5. Choose the Account(s) for each of your data source, and click "Next"

Please note that you can choose more than one account per data source by holding down the "Command" or "CTRL" key. Repeat for each data source. Finally, press "Insert the template".

Also, if there are some data sources you are not using, you can skip them by clicking "Next" and then ignoring the error message given by clicking the "Next" button again.

6. Supermetrics first inserts the template, and then starts to refresh the queries

Please wait for 10-15 minutes while Supermetrics is fetching your data.

Step 4: Share the file with Sellforte

1. Press “File” -> “Share” -> “Share with others”

2. Press File “Add people and groups”

3. Type in the email address of your Sellforte contact person(s) ( and select "Editor" rights. Press "Send"

Step 5: Automate the daily refresh

1. Press “Schedule” and “Add trigger”

2. You can now define the new trigger. Select action “Refresh daily” and start at 2:00 (or choose a time that corresponds to UTC 0:00)

3. You can click “Send email alerts if queries fail on refresh”. This will allow you to know if there are any problems with the automated refresh. Press “Save changes”

4. Done! Your Google Sheet will be automatically refreshed every day

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