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Marketing Mix Modeling can capture short- and long-term ROI
Marketing Mix Modeling can capture short- and long-term ROI
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Did you know that Marketing Mix Modeling is capable of capturing both the short- and long-term ROI?

Our customer, MAX Burgers, wanted to understand how tactical and branding campaigns differ in terms of ROI, when both the short- and long-term effects were captured.

What was done:

✅ Sellforte's Short-Term (ST) model captures the immediate sales uplift of marketing

✅ Sellforte's Long-Term (LT) model was implemented in the second phase, to measure the long-term impact of marketing

✅ By combining the ST & LT insights from MMM, MAX Burgers is equipped to make more informed marketing decisions and is positioned to drive its market leadership position even further

Comment from Max Burgers:

"Finding the perfect balance between tactical and brand-building activities to support sustained growth, has been our objective from the beginning. The Sellforte team has been instrumental in helping us gain a deeper understanding of the short- and long-term impact of our marketing. This has allowed us to devise effective strategies to accelerate growth and maximize ROI." Cecilia Taipale, MAX Burgers

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