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Media Optimizer FAQ

Frequently asked questions of Sellforte Media Optimizer.

Written by Konsta Mustasilta
Updated over a week ago

Why Media Optimizer forecasts change?

Let's say you create and optimize a scenario in Media Optimizer today. You take note of the results of the optimization. After five days you come back to the same scenario and you run the optimization again, and notice that the forecasted results and media allocation have changed. Reason for this is that with the automatically updating Sellforte service your MMM results update every day. Therefore, the forecasts that Media Optimizer provides might change slightly from day to day.

What is "full range optimization"?

Full range optimization means that Media Optimizer has full freedom to optimize your given total media budget with aim to maximize incremental sales and media ROI. In other words, Media Optimizer can fully decide between 0% and 100% of how much of your total investments you should put into each optimizable dimension. PS. Remember to be cautious when using full range optimization; sometimes the suggested media allocation is not something you could really put into practice, as optimizer might not know about restrictions or natures of some medias that affect your budgeting decisions.

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